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Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm bringing Classy back

Katy Perry's song, California girls is a salute to the attire of gals on the west coast  but somehow it lost something by the time it reached the Midwest. But since I overheard my sassy gay friend singing a slightly modified version of the lyrics all I can now hear is
(Midwest girls they are forgettable, pajama bottoms and hoodies on top.)
We seem to have an epidemic in this country, or at least in my region, of complete lack of attention to ones personal appearance in public.  I have to admit, this has been on my mind for sometime, but my in laws were in town this past weekend and not much reminds me of my own personal deficiencies than the parents of the man I married.
They drove to our home for our son's baptism this weekend. They drove 14 hours. This morning as I was getting ready for work and they were getting ready to drive home, I noticed something.  My father in law was wearing a pressed button down oxford neatly tucked into his khaki's and sporting a brown belt.  His shoes were shined.  My mother in law came down with pearls and a "smart" sweater set. It begged the question...
" where are you going" ?
"home", they said trying not to appear very disappointed in the obvious-ness of that question.
" I mean, your not stopping anywhere first"?
" no".
Even I am a little stumped by their attire. I understand flying and wanting to look good for whomever you pass in the airport, but when you go on a road trip the only people you will come into any sort of contact with are in truck stops, and last time I checked, Tim Gunn doesn't frequent such places.
My road trip wardrobe consists of yoga pants and a tank, possibly a cardigan, but pearls?
I mentioned that they looked nice and somehow that began a conversation at 8:15 a.m. about the state of the countries slapdash dressing. Mind you, I was suppose to be out the door 10 minutes ago, but I will listen, like a good daughter in law does.
As I watch the clock tick away and half- listen something catches my ears fancy.  My mother in law tells me that when they were kids people even dressed up for football games.  They wouldn't be caught dead in dungarees ( which in case you were wondering, are jeans).
I glance down at my work outfit with a bit of shame, its mainly made out of rayon and spandex and its color pallet is black with accent hint of black.
After I left, 20 min. later, I started to think and dare I say, AGREE, with what she was preaching about.  How in the world did it become acceptable to wear NFL fleece pajama bottoms with knock off uggs and a t-shirt to get groceries?  When did it become the norm to where jeans to church..yes I know " God doesn't care what you are wearing" but good Lord, I DO!
This got me thinking even more about the recent decline in style. I remember that my sister worked at Taco Bell when she was in high school and also remember that my mom would press her vintage brown and orange uniform before she left.  She also wore a cute little taco bell bandanna thing on her head. Today, taco bell workers were generic polo shirts with stains on them...no hat. At least I think they do, but honestly the only time I visit Taco Bell these days are after a night of heavy "socializing" and my mind is on one thing only and that is a chalupa.
But what about the medical field?  I specifically remember the nurse at my family practitioner office wearing a white dress, white shoes with white hoes, at least I had the satisfaction of knowing that they were clean. Now I  have no clue what is stained behind those daffy duck or neon floral scrubs.  And screw the white shoes, lets just wear orange crocs.

And without sounding like a cranky old prude, what is with the length of shorts and skirts on girls these days!?  Is that a Huggies jean diaper you are wearing or shorts?

It just feels better to be put together. I swear that if I have a classy outfit on, ( ok I sound little too much like my mom) who btw taught "visual poise" to every 8th grade girl who graduated from my private school from the years of 1981- 2000, even if nobody sees me, I at least know that if I were to run into someone I cared about I would walk away happy that my hair wasn't in a chignon knot on top of my head.


  1. I agree with this. I embrace my family's Southern roots when it comes to attire. I was always taught to "pull yourself together" and to "be a lady." I think most people find it strange though :)

  2. EXACTLY! I have been ranting about this forever, but you put it so much better than my rants. Think I will be wearing pearls on my 4 day road trip out West now :) You never know who you may meet at a truck stop.

  3. I agree.. but must admit a pony tail or messy bun is pretty much standard hair style for me. I'm trying to do better. I blammed being a mom for some of it.. my child always looks better than I do, so at least I put effort into someones appearance. Although I do not go out in PJs unless it's to the mail box.

  4. AAaah, truer words have not been said. We have managed to uphold the "no wearing jeans to church" rule in our family and I have to say I'm proud of it. People don't even dress for the theater anymore. If I pay $15 or more to go somewhere, it generally affects my mode of dress. Excellent post, my friend. My mom's going to love it :)

  5. I have to admit that there have been a few times where I have left my house (most often in the middle of the night for Tylenol, but still) wearing my jammies, no bra, sandals, and a hasty ponytail. Somehow I usually think that this is alright because at home I have a fevered (sometimes vomiting) child at home and the time it would take me to put on something decent is more time where they are uncomfortable. Does it matter if there is a reason for dressing like a slob sometimes? I agree wholeheartedly that it looks bad. I am even a hypocrite in that matter that I judge them while sometimes stooping to that level myself. I'm just wondering if there is a time or place where dressing like that is almost.... appropriate?

  6. I have also left the house a mess to pick something up, yet I judge when I see others. I'm also a hypocrite. Damn. Also, I have to admit part of my excitement over becoming a nurse is that I can wear scrubs. I rationalize this because we have to work long hours and we need to be comfortable. I hope I am at least one of those who spruces up her scrubs with curles hair and makeup. Crocs, they should be burned. SERIOUSLY who thought this looked good?!