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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Its Raining Men...

My life does not have a shortage of men.  In wondering how this came about I was lost in thought about my childhood. My very first best friends name was Noah in first grade.  He and I had chicken pox together.  He could run fast and liked to play with cars. I was obsessed with the Smurfs, which coincidently had only one female character.. I had a boy cabbage patch kid.   I was the only girl invited to all boy birthday parties. When I was in the sixth grade I met my first gay boyfriend, my parents would let him spend the night. My mom said that she felt good knowing I was hanging out with a boy in public, that way he would protect me. The truth is, I probably would have been the one doing the protecting. I have a big brother...but also a big sister.
Fast forward through high school and college and I always had a boyfriend. Our dog is a boy.  Now married, I have four sons. I work with all men and the other night when we had our close friends over for dinner,  I realized that I was again, the only girl.  Am I actively trying to avoid the female race? Is there something in my genetics that only produces the male gene?
I do have a handful of close girlfriends. In fact I just had one of my closest girlfriends visit and within 30 minutes of her entering the door I started my period. NO JOKE. I hadn't had an actual cycle since my last son was born.  I guess all I needed was a strait dose of estrogen.
I guess I have had a couple of problems with girls in the past.  I have been accused of flirting with girls companions or significant others and pretty soon the friendship fizzles. But perhaps what I'm doing is just communicating on their boy level nothing more and nothing less.

Perhaps my life is just a modern day Smurf episode. Just call me Smurfette.

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