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Sunday, August 1, 2010

the dishwasher will still need to be run

I had the fortunate opportunity to hang out with girlfriends tonight. This is kind of a big deal for me because not only do I have a husband, four boys and a male dog, I also work with all men.  Granted two of the men are gay, they are still men.  So to be with the girls was nice. What is hard about going out as a mom is that things are never done. I can be sitting there enjoying a glass of wine with friends, but when I get home the dishwasher will still need to be run. Gone and almost forgotten are the carefree days of actually not worrying about anything...especially a stupid dishwasher.  Being able to go out (and I mean past 12) on any particular night and have absolutely no responsibility the next day is completely foreign to my 30 something self.
As I sit here and write this, a little buzzed, I must admit, I'm anticipating that  in just 3 short hours my 4 month old will need to be fed. Just 2 hours from that the 3 year old will be awake ( and loud) and just 1 short hour from that the 5 and 7 year olds will be awake and ready for breakfast. And just a short 24 hours from that I will be sitting at my desk working.
Today there was no time to nap before I went out, and no time to actually put effort into getting ready . I was able to take a shower, but was interrupted. Actually, I don't even know if its called an interruption if it happens regularly.  I was able to put on make up but my hair was left to air dry while I made dinner for the masses.  My outfit was mainly chosen because its ability to cover, not to flaunt and my underwear was chosen not because of the color, but the coverage.   Maybe this is what getting old feels like. 
What did feel good is to be in the company of girls.
A breath of fresh estrogen is highly underated. And to prove its actual effectiveness, I kid you not, I actually started my period.  Normal for the average female, but since I had the baby it has been over 2 months and I was starting to feel less and less like a women. All my body and psyche needed was a dose of female hormones and it wound my clock to start a tick'n. Now its time to go to sleep, or at least take a nap until my little man will need me.

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