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Monday, October 28, 2013

Give it away Give it away Give it away now...

Last Sunday we decided to stay home from church.  We had been out  late the night before and I can count on one thumb how many days a week I can sleep in.  This used to be a guilt free experience until my mom started going to the same church.   She is in the choir and like an air traffic controller she can see who flies in and out of the sanctuary.  One time she texted me to see if we went to church.  It was a busy Sunday.  I spent at least ten minutes trying to come up with an answer.  Why was her message so cryptic?  Finally my response was, " Did you go to church?" within seconds my phone chimed. "Yes, and if you were there you would have known that." Busted, and tested. Failed both.

This past Sunday we were challenged to bring in food for the food pantry.  Before we left Pastor Herb took a photo of us with our newly given canvas Clay Church totes that we were to fill and return the next week.  Now, not only did my mom have evidence, so did the entire congregation that Don and I had a tote and if we didn't return it, well, that would be really bad.  Although, I really wanted to add that tote to my already over flowing grocery tote collection that I have.

With the reminder text from my mom, I made sure to fill our tote and send it with her to deliver to the church.  By noon on Sunday our pastor posted the picture of the rows and rows of filled totes on Facebook. Yes, I'm friends with my Pastor on Facebook.  I'm not sure how that happened either, I suppose he provides a moral compass that could easily go South if he wasn't on there (if you know what I mean).    I am proud to be part of a church that can make such an impact in its community.  But just when I think that I have done my part they throw another challenge my way. This one, is to clean out my closet to donate clothes to local people who need them much more than the hangers they are hanging on, and have been hanging on for ten years.  I am very protective of my closet and this Challenge is harder than the last one.

I feel like we clutter our house with just too much stuff and in then end, who is it really for?  How much is enough? Especially when our "clutter" could make a huge different to a woman who is trying to enter the workforce but doesn't have any professional clothing. Or the child who needs a new pair of pants because his are too short.  Or the man whose can't stay warm because his coat is filled with holes. It gives a new perspective to the term challenge.  Whatever affection I have to my old clothing is nothing compared to the lasting feeling of affection this person will feel when they know that someone cared enough about them to give them something.  It takes all different sorts to make up the fabric that shapes a community.  The buttons are just as crucial as the button holes, and each have to work together to create the feeling of warmth.

I think I can hear Don rejoicing in the fact that I will be cleaning out my closet.  If you are local and you would like to a reason to clean out your closet, please drop off clothes to my house.  If you are not local, take the time to give to someone else.  The added space in your closet actually will make you feel lighter and leave more space for things that matter more.

If you want to clean out your closet for this Sunday's challenge message me or visit
www.claychurch.com for more info.


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  2. And, don't forget. In addition to being both your "facebook friend" and your "pastor," I also am your "quoter," using some of your stories in sermons (confession:I did have to change some of the words). Keep going!